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Competency Assessments for Recruitment

Hire the best screen the rest.

As a competency based on-line recruitment tool RecruitWise is an easy to use on-line survey enabling you to make the right hiring decisions today. 

RecruitWise enables Marketing and HR Managers to tap into the technical competencies of job candidates, to address matters concerning job fit, level of competency, and marketing specific leadership skills.

Measurement 1

Candidate Skill / Job Fit 

Measurement 2



Measurement 3



Determine the experience level of the candidate compared to the requirements of the position/job.

Gather information from the candidate on their marketing aptitude, using robust and tailored questions for the level of job.

Each candidate’s leadership and communication skills are assessed using situational leadership questions and case studies for the required job context.


  • Save time through faster screening

  • Job/candidate 'Best Fit' advantage

  • Reduce risk through quantitative measurement

  • Save money by making faster decisions

  • Set benchmark for job positions in the future


  • On-line survey
  • Email invitations
  • Analysis of results & full reporting  
  • To find out more



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