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Q.C.S. Quality Customer Service
S.A.S. Successful Assertive Selling
S.A.M. Strategic Account Management
F.M.S.M. Finance for Marketing and Sales Managers
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Sales Training In - House

Are you looking for in-house sales training experts to:
  • Develop a tailored training curriculum addressing your industry and organisational needs?
  • Provide hands-on and on-site organisational development consulting services to support skill implementation?
  • A complete training plan for individuals and teams is designed through our Sales Advantage program. We assess current sales competencies using objective and accountable research techniques. 

For a FREE consultation on our sales assessment and training programs simply

N.O.W. Negotiate or War
Participants will realise that most situations are negotiable, that they can trade concessions, recognise negotiation styles and tactics, set strategies and break deadlocks, all for a mutually satisfying outcome.
Q.C.S. Quality Customer Service
This program changes attitude to wanting to serve the customer for repeat business and provides the skills for doing so. Emphasis is on developing the right service attitude, meeting customer needs...
S.A.M Strategic Account Management
This program develops a systematic approach to managing those accounts which are strategic to your organisation’s well-being. Concentration is on executive selling, the buying process, decision criteria...
S.A.S. Successful Assertive Selling
The program is especially relevant for the professional sales person in building long-term relationships in either a technical or service environment. Emphasis is placed on planned selling and using existing social skills for...
F.M.S.M Finance for Marketing and Sales Managers
In a practical and easy to understand manner we de-mystify accounting jargon to enable participants to interpret a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss report, use ratios to measure performance, calculate Break-even...
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