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Marketing Services and Organisational Design

Optimise operational design for your marketing and sales teams:

A streamlined strategic process will ensure you get the best practice outcomes for marketing projects.

With its strong training heritage, Nine Dots Marketing has the expertise to provide you with the necessary marketing strategies, models, processes, creative output and design to ensure you meet your marketing objectives.

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Brand Development Services

Communication Execution

Market Research Services

New Product & Service Launch Model

Organisational Research

E-mail Direct Marketing Servcices

Our Approach

Briefing: We assign one of our client directors who, without cost or obligation will arrange a meeting for a detailed consultation on your precise needs. This meeting enables us to ensure we understand and are aligned with your overall objectives and organisational culture.

Assessment: Following the initial meeting a full assessment and program design proposal is prepared and presented for your approval.

Creating and Sustaining Work Practices: Hands on assistance is provided by our client directors. In the short term we help execute your marketing projects with the right mix of strategy and creative outcomes. For the longer term we recommend improvements to current processes by introducing proven and sustainable marketing models and tools which can be imbedded into the organisation for effective operation of marketing projects.

Organisational Research using High Performing Organisation Measurement Tools

Identify and eliminate re-work, non-value added tasks in your marketing and sales organisations; matching the results required with the resources and tasks performed.  

Market Research Services

Continually improving your understanding of consumers’ and customer’s needs and developing innovative ways to appeal to them is the key to developing strong brand equity.

 What we do:

  • Define Research Problem and identify the hypothesis to be tested. Determine the most effective research technique
  • Write the Research Brief
  • Help select best research Agency based on the research problem

Advertising & Communication Development Services

Aligning communication objectives to a clearly defined marketing strategy will ensure a common understanding of your strategic direction for advertising and facilitate the advertising agency in creating targeted campaigns.

What we do:

  • Align your marketing strategy and business goals with the creative communication team
  • Document your creative strategy/brief
  • Select the right agency if required



Email Direct Marketing Services

We leverage our proven track record in Marketing & Communications strategy to deliver your brand's digital message to the right target with the right message.
Nine Dots Marketing will develop the overall email marketing strategy, creative layout & graphics, concise copy including headline and tag lines, email distribution to your target.

We can help you stand out and differentiate your digital communication from the clutter with well-targeted, strategic and insightful digital campaigns.

Product & Service Launch Model

Leverage your competitive advantages through maximising initiative success while minimising risk.

What we do:

  • Introduce the model - aligning your company’s current New Product Development (NPD) processes, implementing a user manual, and in-house training for all staff involved in project management.
  • Auditing the success principles of past initiatives to establish measurable success criteria for project leaders to measure against.
  • Development of measurement tools to support the success criteria (NPV modeling, tracking research, product testing) to establish a solid knowledge management system and an effective foundation for leadership.

Brand Development Services

The brand’s essence reflects consumer attitudes and feelings linked to the brand and it distils the brand’s positioning into a concise and meaningful idea. It is the single most important element that the brand stands for in the hearts, minds and lives of consumers.

What we do:

  • Review how to extend the brand in your business and develop a brand hierarchy
  • Develop brand essence and positioning charts & statements
  • Develop creative identity and design concepts for your current or new brand

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